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INTERIMAIRES ROUMAINS is a temporary employment agency whose activities involve recruiting, employing and detaching of Romanian workers on EU labor markets and beyond.

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Personal specializat in interim

We select qualified personnel for clients who need employment in any field.

Given the current economic dynamics, use temporary workers Romans is the ideal solution in terms of flexibility for companies. One of the biggest advantages that draws attention to our clients, is the labour efficiency Romanian workers.

Romania is still a source of relatively cheap labor force, efficient and well-qualified. Finding a employee is a time consuming and a costly process.

Our customer appreciate our interim personalized solutions adapted to recent economical requests, the professionalism of our services, the promptitude, the capacity to find eligible candidates for the needs and the expectations of the job.

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Appeal at Professionals


Our main goal is primarily to define our clients' needs in human resources and recruiting profile identified by our services. In all cases, our client has the last word.

  • We are always ready to satisfy the needs of our customers through our skills and experience.
  • We offer to our clients the best employees and provide our employees the best conditions of employment.
  • 24h/24h at disposal of our customer

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The temporary work presupposes a triangular relation between the INTERIM WORKER, the INTERIM AGENCY, the USER – CUSTOMER.
Therefore, interim workers are hired by the interim agency and detached to the customer society, a relation which is regularized by the dispositions of EU 2008/104/CE/ and 96/71/CE Directives, as well as by the work legislation both from the User’s country and from Romania.

Documente certificare

In order for you to have a guarantee for respecting the legislation and for the services we offer, within our collaboration we provide you the following documents:

  • Functioning authorization delivered by the Ministry of Work, Family, Social Protection and Elder Persons;
  • Fiscal attestation certificates delivered by the Administration of public finances;
  • Banking guarantee constituted at Alpha Bank;
  • Collaboration contract;
  • Work contract for interim workers detached on behalf of your company;
  • Offering for disposal contract;
  • Interim worker’s mission contract.


our values

Our values are based on customer-oriented strategy.

Empathy and prompt response in relation to our customers:

  • We listen and understand your requirements;
  • We establish an open and honest communication;
  • We determine the current expectations of our customers;
  • We anticipate the possible objectives;
  • We monitorize the business to act according to customer requirements.

Free communication and excellence in relationship between employees:

  • Teamwork;
  • We identify the requirements and share the information and knowledge;
  • We maintain a relationship of mutual trust;
  • We define clearly the tasks and the areas of responsibility;
  • We understand the objectives of each mission.

We are your reliable partner because:

  • We represent your business in a competent manner;
  • We maintain a regular contact with our customers and with new personnel detached;
  • We follow the European legal provision concerning the staff detachment and the provisions of the Labour Code.


Our strengths:

  • Our position in the market is determinate by an excellent quality / price rate;
  • Support to increase the performance of your company by posting our workers available to your company, during the period of increase of activity;
  • The assurance that the staff recruited by us and made available for you correspond to the demands;
  • The prompt decisional means and our fast reactions are the determinants of our success;
  • Only a team of satisfied employees can meet the expectations of our customers;
  • The customer is at the center of our work, our goals and our actions.

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